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I Serve U.S. Senators, but I’m Homeless

Even though I work at the US Senate, I can’t afford to keep a roof over my head. I sleep outside a subway stop, just blocks from the White House.

The truth is that the current Presidentas well as the people now running for the White House – all walked past me and other low-wage workers who’ve served them in the Senate.

It’s like we’re invisible to them. We need contractors to pay more than the minimum – U.S. Contract workers need living wages, good benefits and a union!

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Senator Bernie Sanders and Supporters

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: U.S. Contract Workers Deserve $15 and a Union

“What we are saying is pretty simple.  The taxpayers of this country want to make sure that government contracts go to model employers who pay workers a living wage, that they allow workers to form a union and that they provide good benefits to their workers.”

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I Cook for U.S. Senators, but I Use Food Stamps

I’m a single father struggling to support my kids. Because I only earn $12 an hour cooking at the US Senate, I need to use food stamps to feed my children.

I did all the things politicians said workers need to do to get ahead and stay ahead. I went to college, but now I’m stuck with $89,000 in student debt and a low-wage U.S. contract job.

We need a President who will make sure everyday Americans have good jobs and don’t need to use public aid to survive.

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We Clean a Cabinet Secretary’s Office
Our Wages Were Stolen

We are contract janitors who clean the U.S. Secretary of Education’s office. We’re trying to give our kids a shot at the American Dream, but it’s hard when a federal contractor steals our pay.

We are owed $40,000 in back wages.  If we were paid what we’re supposed to be making, we could save to send our kids to college. U.S. contract workers need a race to the top on wages!

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We’re fighting because our families deserve...

More Than the Minimum

Low-wage federal contract workers, most of whom are women, have won Presidential executive orders to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 and end legal violations on federal contracts.

But we need the President to finish the job and provide us with good jobs that pay at least $15 an hour and a union!

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The U.S. Government
is making Washington, D.C. the Capitol of Inequality...

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