Our Victories

President Signs Executive Order to Prevent Federal Contractors from Breaking Federal Labor Laws

After workers exposed wage theft on federal contracts, the President signed an order to make sure contractors follow labor and employment laws.

President Obama Boosts Pay to $10.10 for Lowest-paid Federal Contract Workers

The President announced he would raise the pay of federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour through executive action at the 2014 State of the Union. Federal contract workers went on strike seven times in seven months asking the President to sign an executive order – and the President listened to us.

President & Congress Slash Pay of Highest Paid Federal Contract Executives

President Obama and Congress agreed to cap pay for federal contract executives as part of the 2014 budget deal. This action will dramatically reduce the taxpayer reimbursements for top salaries from $952,000 to $487,000 per executive annually.

Smithsonian Contract Workers Win Collective Bargaining Rights

After a series of one-day strikes by Good Jobs Nation, hundreds of food-service workers from several of the Smithsonian Museums won a union and can now bargain for better pay and benefits.

Good Jobs Nation Stops Deportation of Antonio Vanegas

Antonio Vanegas, a victim of wage theft,  joined the Good Jobs Nation campaign to expose rampant wage theft in the Ronald Reagan Federal Building. After going on strike, he was detained and threatened with deportation. With the help of Good Jobs Nation, Antonio won the right to stay and work in the United States.