Donald Trump's first nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andy Puzder, was the anti-worker CEO of CKE Enterprises. We knew he would be a danger to workers and good jobs all over the country. After workers petitioned their legislators, rallied, and mounted a social media campaign, anti-worker CEO Andy Puzder withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Labor.



Over 200,000 workers and allies told the U.S. Senate to oppose and resist Puzder's nomination... and it worked!


GJN Worker Op-Ed in The Hill


"As a Capitol Hill contract worker, I hope the senators I serve will grill Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s pick to run the Labor Department, about whether he will help workers like me get fair pay for a fair day’s work.

CKE, the huge fast-food corporation Puzder runs, has been repeatedly found guilty of wage theft, the especially greedy crime of stealing from the pockets of its own workers. As Labor Secretary, Puzder’s job will be to stop federal contractors from committing similar wage crimes."


ThinkProgress: Low-wage workers celebrate the defeat of Trump’s Labor pick

"The workers rallying Thursday are part of a movement that goes back nearly four years. The federal government contracts out for service work at most of its facilities, shipping billions in taxpayer money to companies that squeeze their labor costs to increase profits from the contracts. The results are especially ugly in Congress, where millionaire elected officials are served by cafeteria staff who earn so little that they cannot keep their families together, let alone achieve basic financial security."


Salon: “We just get by check to check”: Workers cheated as federal contractors prosper

On a snowy day in February, federal contract workers rallied by Good Jobs Nation gathered outside the Capitol. The rally had been organized to protest Puzder’s scheduled Senate confirmation hearing. When he withdrew the day before, it became a celebration.

“You are the ones who make America great!” Geevarghese shouted into a microphone. “You’re the ones who get up every day and serve the American people! And you should be proud!”