Immigrant workers are at particular risk of exploitation – even when they work at the United States Capitol. The Trump administration is threatening do end the DACA program and increasing deportations.  This is having a chilling effect on workers who are suffering.  Fear is keeping them from speaking up about wage theft and other labor law abuses on federal contracts. These hard-working, taxpaying Americans may not have been born here, but they deserve the same freedom to fight for a good wage and reasonable working conditions - without fear - as every other American.


Stand with Ana

Ana Gomez is a DREAMer, a US Senate worker, a fighter for $15, and a wife and a mother. Ana deserves to be able to fight for fair pay and good benefits without fear of deportation.

Stand with Yaya

Yaya is a federal worker, a taxpayer, an immigrant, and a fighter for $15. He's asking President Trump for $15 and a union.