May 13, 2017


This Dreamer Works For The Politicians Who Will Decide Her Fate In The U.S.

"Dozens of low-wage workers were being shorted, right under the noses of members of Congress. With the help of a union-backed labor group called Good Jobs Nation, they took their case to the Labor Department and won backpay."


May 5, 2017


Buy American, Hire Abroad: Top US Contractors Are Outsourcing Jobs, Study Finds

"Of the 50 U.S. companies given the largest government contracts, 28 shipped jobs overseas between 1995 and 2015;  of the top 100, which received $176 billion in taxpayer funding in fiscal year 2016, 41 relied on offshoring over those two decades, according to a recent study released by the advocacy groups Public Citizen and Good Jobs Nation."

April 28, 2017


Workers who provide services to veterans and their families just took a pay cut

"And actually an outside organization, Good Jobs Nation, they advocate basically on behalf of government contract workers, have filed a complaint with the Labor Department, asking the Labor Department to investigate and look into whether these people are misclassified.

July 28, 2016


If politicians care about a rigged system, it’s time to address wage theft

"A complaint was filed by Good Jobs Nation, an organization that has been trying to unionize low-wage federal contract workers. This week, the Labor Department announced the findings of its resulting investigation. It determined that Restaurant Associates and its subcontractor, Personnel Plus, must pay 674 workers $1,008,302 in back wages."

June 13, 2016


With a stroke of a pen, the next president could give a huge boost to union organizing

"Given their tenuous, always contested position in the American political economy, absent the active support of the federal government for unions, they wither. And when unions wither, wage inequality rises, and civil society is impoverished as well."

May 26, 2016

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How the Next President Could Undo Obama's Reforms

"For example, Mr. Obama’s executive orders to improve pay and working conditions for employees of federal contractors could be in harm’s way if the Republican Party captures the White House, because Republicans have consistently opposed pro­-worker reforms."