The Trump administration just told Congress that they will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA has made it easier for corporations to move American jobs overseas, while hurting American workers and abusing workers in Mexico. Now, the administration has the opportunity to make good on Trump's campaign promises of more jobs and better wages.  If Trump really is "The Great Dealmaker", it's time for him to make a deal that's truly great for working people, not corporate special interests.


Press Coverage

International Business Times

Buy American, Hire Abroad: Top US Contractors Are Outsourcing Jobs, Study Finds

"Of the 50 U.S. companies given the largest government contracts, 28 shipped jobs overseas between 1995 and 2015;  of the top 100, which received $176 billion in taxpayer funding in fiscal year 2016, 41 relied on offshoring over those two decades, according to a recent study released by the advocacy groups Public Citizen and Good Jobs Nation."

The Nation

 Donald Trump Is Waging a War on Workers

"Trump could issue an executive order excluding firms that offshore jobs from qualifying to bid on federal contracts. That would have an immediate and profound effect on offshoring. Instead, Trump bloviates, but doesn’t act."



The Hill

Offshoring the American dream: Is this what a Trump presidency looks like?

"He said that under a Trump presidency, “the American worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them.” But government contracts keep on going to companies like T-Mobile that violate the rights of their workers and ship jobs overseas."

The Huffington Post

United Technologies Just Got More Lucrative Government Contracts After
Offshoring Jobs To Mexico

"So, the potential is even greater to make a real difference by forcing firms to choose between obtaining government contracts and offshoring their American workers’ jobs."