Since his inauguration, President Trump has failed to deliver on his promise of “more jobs, better wages” for America’s workers. We're holding him accountable. Join us and take action!

Fighting Wage Theft & Labor Abuses


Every year $2.5 billion is stolen from hard working Americans under federal contracts. Yet, these companies continue to receive taxpayer dollars. Our money should go to create good jobs with living wages, not steal from workers and keep them in poverty.

Stopping Offshoring


56% of the top federal contractors have continued to offshore jobs since Trump’s inauguration.


Raising Wages, Not Walls


Our federal government is threatening to deport workers, silencing their fight for a living wage and a union.



Fighting for $15 and a Union


64 million Americans learn less than $15 per hour.


  Blocking Right to Work Legislation


In Right to Work states, the on-the-job fatality rate is 49% higher and the average pay is about $6000 less than Free Bargaining states.

Defending the Freedom to Organize

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Unions helped build this country’s middle class, but many federal contractors engage in union busting.