Fighting Wage Theft & Labor Abuses

Federal contract workers suffer $2.5 billion in wage theft every year. We fight back to make sure workers are treated fairly and with the dignity they deserve.

Stopping Offshoring

56 of the top companies with federal contracts continue to offshore American jobs. President Trump promised to bring our jobs back. We're holding him to his word.

Raising Wages, Not Walls

We stand up for the right of every worker to stand up for fair working conditions without fear of retribution, no matter where they were born. 

Fighting for $15 and a Union

No one who works full time should live in poverty. We fight for a living wage of $15 per hour and a union to protect every worker.

Blocking Right to Work Bills

Republicans continue to introduce bills that endanger workers and deny them a voice on the job. We fight back to make sure our government doesn't get in the way of the freedom of workers to organize.

Defending the Freedom to Organize

The President, Congress and the Supreme Court are likely to embark on a full scale attack on workers’ rights to organize.  We stand ready to hold all politicians accountable to the working class. 


The Huffington Post

This Dreamer Works For The Politicians Who Will Decide Her Fate In The U.S.

Ana Gomez Ramirez is a cashier in a Senate cafeteria. She wonders if her work permit will be taken away by the very people she serves.

International Business Times

Buy American, Hire Abroad: Top US Contractors Are Outsourcing Jobs, Study Finds

President Trump says he's making it easier to hire American workers, but the numbers show just the opposite. 


Workers who provide services to veterans and their families just took a pay cut

The workers who take care of our National Guard heroes and their families have had their wages stolen.