How Many People Can the President Put into the Middle Class with the Stroke of a Pen?

Good Jobs Executive Order

When the President announced the $10.10 Executive Order at the State of the Union, he said “Profitable corporations like Costco see higher wages as the smart way to boost productivity and reduce turnover. We should too…”

$10.10 is a good start, but our taxpayer dollars need to incentivize more companies to follow the Costco business model. A Good Jobs Executive Order would give federal contracts to companies that do just that.

A Good Jobs Executive Order would reward profitable companies like Costco that treat workers well:

  1. Allow collective bargaining: Costco allows workers to bargain without interference, so workers don’t have to strike to be heard.
  2. Provide living wages & good benefits: Costco pays living wages ($21 per hour average), gives health care benefits (88% of workers) and contributes to workers’ retirement.
  3. Follow the law: Costco isn’t stealing worker wages.
  4. Don’t overspend on CEO pay: Costco’s CEO makes 48 times more than median worker pay (Wal-Mart’s CEO gets 800x more).

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Underwriting Good Jobs: How to Place Over 20 Million Americans on a Pathway to the Middle Class Using Federal Purchasing Power

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