Hey Hillary, you forgot 1 BIG THING …

Yesterday, former Senator Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on the economy and declared that creating good jobs is the “defining challenge of our time.”

But she failed to mention the single most transformative action she could take with the stroke of her presidential pen to create millions of good jobs – she could sign aModel Employer Executive Order

to make sure lucrative federal contracts reward companies that pay a living wage of at least $15 an hour, offer decent benefits and allow workers to unionize without fear of retaliation.The truth is that U.S. Government is America’s leading low-wage job creator

– spending over $1.3 trillion annually through contracts, concessions, and leases to create poverty jobs in the private sector.Senator Clinton stated that income inequality is the main problem that “we need to tackle” – there’s no better solution than to make sure taxpayer dollars are invested to creategood jobs, not jobs that keep workers struggling to survive.

That’s why, low-wage federal contract workers who cook and clean for U.S. Senators, generals and cabinet secretaries have gone on strike 12 times to fight for a Good JobsNation

.They want a President who will act, not just give speeches.

18 US Senators – including Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – declared their support for these workers, and Senator Clinton should join them. The Senators recently sent a letter to President Obama asking him to issue a Model Employer Executive Order

saying,“We believe that our tax payer dollars should reward good companies that create middle class jobs for America, not companies that force workers to depend on public aid programs.

We therefore call on you to issue an executive order giving preference in government contracting to ‘model employer’ who pay a living wage, offer fair healthcare and retirement benefits, grant paid leave for sickness and care-giving, provide full-time hours and stable schedules, and give workers a voice through collective bargaining so they don’t need to strike to be heard.”

Will you join these Senators by becoming a citizen co-sponsor on their letter?

Sign it here.

America’s low-wage workers need President Obama – or his successor – to lead by example when it comes to tackling inequality and creating good jobs.