By George Faraday, Legal and Policy Director

Donald Trump promised to stop American corporations from sending jobs abroad on “day one” of his Presidency.

In June – 18 months into Trump’s administration – Good Jobs Nation published a report showing that America had lost over 142,000 jobs to corporate offshoring since his election according to fillings with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Today, we updated the figures using the government’s handy calculator and found that the number of jobs lost has jumped up another 12,000 – to 154,401.

As our report showed, a lot of the worst offenders are actually major federal contractors, like GE and United Technologies (the defense and aerospace conglomerate behind the notorious Carrier layoffs last year). And contractors are still leading the pack in the latest set of filings, with AT&T ($900 million in contracts under Trump) axing 92 jobs in Harrisburg, Dematic ($5 million) 300 in Grand Rapids, and Johnson Controls ($600 million) 50 jobs in Indianopolis.

Since these job losses are happening in the same industrial states that put Trump into office, it’s surprising he hasn’t taken the obvious step of telling the federal contractors that his administration’s funding to stop outsourcing or stop taking taxpayers’ money.