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Eblast: Unity Among Democrats?


Yes! Superdelegates and religious leaders – split between Bernie and Hillary – are coming together to say: We need Executive Action for $15 and a Union to lift 2 million workers out of poverty! Read on…

In recent weeks, an unlikely alliance of interfaith leaders and Congressional Superdelegates have been publicly calling for the next president to take executive action to change the U.S. government’s role as America’s leading low wage job creator.

An interfaith coalition of over 25 national faith leaders called on the next President to take Moral Action on the Economy though executive order to promote a living wage and collective bargaining on federal contracts.

“While we pray to different gods,” noted Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block at an April 14th strike of low-wage contract workers,  “we agree that workers need executive action.”  (Huffington Post Op-Ed)

Likewise, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, made up of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters, also sent an open letter to the candidates calling for them to take executive action to create a White House Office on Good Jobs and sign a “$15 and a Union” Executive Order. (Progressive Action PAC Letter)

While both of us support different Democratic presidential candidates, given Republicans’ continued refusal to passing anything through Congress, the next Democratic president must be prepared to use executive action to help workers,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in TIME Magazine.

In addition, 19 US. Senators have sent a letter to President Obama calling for him to take action to help workers. The letter reads:

“We believe that our taxpayer dollars should reward good companies that create middle class jobs for America, not companies that force workers to depend on public aid programs. […]

Now is the time to declare that the federal government will invest our taxpayer dollars to incentivize model employers that commit to creating good jobs and to rebuilding America’s ailing middle class.”

President Obama has laid the groundwork for the next President to take action. In the wake of repeated strikes of low-wage federal contract workers in DC, organizing under the banner of Good Jobs Nation, he has signed three executive orders to improve pay and working conditions for workers. These Executive Ordersraise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour, crack down on wage theft and other labor abuses, and extend paid sick leave for federal contract workers.

The candidates have a unique opportunity to pledge to take action for federal contract workers and unite their party before the general election.

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