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Across the country, taxpayers are fighting against the for-profit contracting industry who use taxpayer dollars to maximize their bottom-line at the expense workers and the public.

Don Cohen, Director of the advocacy group In the Public Interest writes about recent wins at both the federal and local levels to hold corporate contractors accountable to our government and to America’s workers.

Here a recap of the top-lines from The Huffington Post:

We’re winning federally to help contract workers with the President’s stroke of a pen.

Since May 2013, striking U.S. contract workers organizing with Good Jobs Nation have won three executive orders to raise job standards for privatized low-wage U.S. contract workers who serve U.S. senators, military generals and cabinet secretaries.

These Presidential actions have helped millions of federal contract workers (who work for large private corporations) win $10.10 minimum wage, crack-down on labor law violations, and earn paid sick leave benefits.

We’re winning locally to stop bad corporate actors from winning contracts.

Recently, New York City and ten U.S. local governments took back operation of their water or sewer services from Veolia, a French conglomerate. The company had come under fire from workers and safe water advocates: Veolia has a track record of chemical explosions, sewage spills, and soaring rate hikes across the world.

And just last week, officials in Gary, Indiana, voted unanimously against allowing the private prison company GEO Group to build a for-profit immigration detention center in the city.

These victories are good for all of us. A win for the public anywhere is a win for the public everywhere.

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