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Bernie Sanders: All Workers Need At Least $15 an Hour

By Arit John

“In April, federal contract workers went on strike for one day, but haven’t seen any results from the president or Congress.  Ahead of that strike, the Washington Post profiled Charles Gladden, a 63-year-old food worker in the Senate cafeteria who was homeless while making $11.33 an hour. Since the story was published, Gladden has received help in the form of donations, he says, but as he told the crowd at Wednesday’s rally, temporary assistance isn’t the same as policy change. ‘Workers shouldn’t have to rely on charity to survive,’ he said.  In response to the Gladden’s story, Sanders, along with 17 other Senators, sent a letter to Obama asking him to issue an executive order mandating that the federal government give preference to model employers—companies that pay a living wage, offer health, retirement, and other benefits, and allow collective bargaining—when awarding contracts.”

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