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As Easy as Joining the PTA

“For working moms, joining a union should be as easy as joining the PTA”

– U.S. Capitol contract worker Kellie Duckett


Unfortunately, it’s not.

Kellie is just one of many federal contract workers who have faced illegal management threats, intimidation, and retaliation for organizing to win “$15 and the Union.”

Kellie told reporters last week that her boss “took me in her office and threatened my job. She told me to think about how my kids would suffer if I didn’t bring home a paycheck.” Roll Call

Congress Must Act.

That’s why Kellie wants Congress to pass the Workplace Democracy Act.

“’Today, if an employee is engaged in a union organizing campaign, that employee has a one in five chance of getting fired,’ Senator Bernie Sanders told the media. ‘Today, workers will almost always be forced to attend closed-door meetings to hear anti-union propaganda … This is happening in plain sight to workers like Kellie Duckett at the U.S. Capitol.’” The Washington Post

‘’The Workplace Democracy Act makes it easier for workers to join unions,’” said Senator Sanders. ‘If workers in this country want to exercise their constitutional right to join a union, they must be allowed to do that.’” The Hill

The President Must Also Act.

But Kellie isn’t waiting for Congress – she’s also calling on the President to sign an executive order so workers don’t have to strike to form a union.

“With Republicans controlling the House and Senate, unions say that they are relying on executive branch action. ‘It would be great for Congress to pass labor law reform … but the president must also act,’ according to Good Jobs Nation. ‘Obama can and should do more to help contract workers form a union before he leaves the White House.’” Al Jazeera