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Are Senators Blind to Disabled Workers?

By Dewana Samuel

“When I started working at the Senate 10 years ago, I was hopeful that Goodwill would help me put my life back together and set me on a path into the middle class.   But the truth is I’ve haven’t been given the opportunities to get ahead that I was promised. I haven’t learned any new jobs skills because the few trainings Goodwill offers are held when I’m at work.  In addition, Goodwill has never offered me job placement services so I could find a better job.  To add insult to injury, Goodwill has kept me stuck in a dead-end poverty job.   My pay has only gone up by $1.66 an hour over the past decade.  Today, I only make $11.83 an hour which isn’t enough to live the American Dream.  I’m writing this because I feel like the Senators who walk these halls seem to be blind to the needs of people with disabilities who serve them.”

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